Desktop power up and shuts off quickly

Have a homebuilt desktop with a Gigabit Motherboard. HD is a Seagate Barracuda 700-7, 200MB.

Yesterday, it ran great, all day. Today went to turn it on and it immediately shuts off....tried this several times and each time it did the same.

I keep a spare WD hard with same operationing system install. Disconnected Seagate and install WD. Desktop has been shut down several times and each time it powers up just fine. It's a WD 80MB.

I have heard there are many problems with just about all Seagate HD......Any ideas on what may be going on? I first thought my motherboard had gone out, but, all is working great with the WD Hard Drive.



PS: I disconnected the WD and connected the Seagate and have the same problem.
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  1. Try the Seagate as a slave, it may be that its dying/dead but you might just be able to rescue any vauable data before it pops
  2. Hook up both and run Seatools and test the problem drive.
    HDD's fail over time both your drives appear to be rather old.
    A new 500gb drive is under $50 these days for sata anyways.
    Sounds like yours might be IDE idk.
  3. Hey Guys...thanks for all the suggestion.

    After much trouble shooting I finally installed a new power supply. No more boot problems on my existing HDD or any of the others I have as well. I thought the power supply was OK, because I could disconnect my HDD and I could boot into my BIOS without any problems. Finally installed new power supply and no booting problems in several days.

    Thanks again.....
  4. Great to hear that man, glad it wasn't as bad as we may have thought :)
  5. I wouldn't feel bad saying 50% of the time if your computer has any sort of problems starting and it has worked fine in the past that it is probably a PSU problem.

    I would probably even be more aggressive than that, 2/3 or 3/4 likely instead.
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