PSU on, Computer off, CPU fans are spinning?

Hi there. First off, just joined the forum, yay! Alright, so I'm having this problem. It's a non-issue to me, really, but I'm concerned something might be very very wrong. My motherboard is being powered, but my computer is off. Now my power supply has a switch, just like any would, for on and off. When I flip that switch to the on position, my CPU fans and my case fans start spinning, even though my computer hasn't turned on yet. Is this a problem?
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    No, thats entirely normal, your psu is sending the power to everything and the fans start straight away because they have no lead time
    you shouldn't really mess with that switch as a rule, turn it on, leave it on and use the cases power button to turn the Pc on in future, and windows to shut down
    your Psu is one of the ones that starts a Pc without you pressing the button, I usually encounter those in prebuilds like HP or Dell, although I reckon some cheap units will do it as well
    Oh, and welcome to Toms man :)
  2. Alright, awesome. I was just scared I might've plugged something in wrong that was making it do that. Just newly installed some parts. Oh, and thanks.
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  4. No problem man, and thank you for B.a, if you want to go over your build check out
    Section four
    have fun,
  5. Will do.
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