2x 120mm or 1x 200mm fan?


I have a CM HAF 912 case, and I only have 1x 120mm fan in the front of my case.

I have an i3 2100, 4gb ram, and an ATI HD 6870.

Can someone tell me which option is better in terms of airflow?

Option 1:

-Front: 2x 120mm Scythe Ultra Kaze (3k rpm, 140 cfm)
-Top: 2x 120mm Scythe Ultra Kaze
-Rear: 1x 120mm Scythe Ultra Kaze
-Side: 1x 120mm CM fan that came with my case

Option 2:
-Front: 1x 200mm CM Megaflow (700 rpm, 110 cfm)
-Top: 1x 200mm CM Megaflow
-Rear: 1x 120mm Scythe Ultra Kaze
-Side: 1x 120mm CM fan that came with my case

Which option would you take? The price comes out to be almost even. My friend said he will give me his old 4-fan controller, which will be useful since I can just set one fan to 50% or 75% on the mobo.

Also.. do 2 scythe 120mm ultra kaze move more air than a 200mm megaflow?

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  1. i honestly wouldnt take either option because they both sound loud and expensive. if i was going for the novelty factor, i would definitely get 6x scythe ultra kaze. if what you want is a cool, cost effective system, id first consider an aftermarket cpu cooler like the hyper 212+ and possibly an additional 120mm in the top rear and front.
  2. I think I would do neither.

    How are your temperatures with the stock fans?
    The 2100 is not a particularly hot chip.

    Normally, two normal 1000-1200 rpm 120mm intake fans will provide sufficient cooling.

    Higher rpm fans will be noisy.
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