Best Nvidia card(s) for 2560x1440

I'm trying to decide on which card set up will be best for playing games at 2560x1440 max settings except Anit-aliasing. Titles such as diablo 3, Battlefield 3, CoDs, Guild Wars 2, Crysis 2, and various others. I think Battlefield 3 would be the most demanding game I'll be playing, but no one knows how intense it is yet. I'd like to get as close to 60 FPS or greater as possible. I only want to use MSI Twin Frozr III cards.

I can either go with 560 SLI, 570 SLI, single 580, or SLI 580.

I am not sure if the 2gb of ram from the 560 SLI would be enough.

I would like to try a single 580 but I don't want to get too small of a PSU in the event I should need to SLI. and I don't want to buy too big of a PSU and not run at efficiency if I don't SLI. The 580 is the only option with a display port also. I am also wondering if I OC my CPU(2600k) and single 580 enough, maybe I can get enough performance that way.

Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. I think only Palit makes a 2GB 560ti unless you think you can add the 1GB + 1GB (doesn't work that way sadly). I don't think 560s or one 580 will get you where you want to be. I think the minimum you'd want is SLI 570s.
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    Depends on the games you are playing, the hardware hitters like Metro 2033 you will get like 23 fps at that resolution. And around 27 in Crysis.

    But sans the black sheep of gaming a single GTX 580 would be good enough, I think.
  3. 2x gtx 560 ti 2gb i think is the best solution. i wouldnt get a card that has less VRAM than 2gb for that resolution.
  4. I think I'll just get a single 580 and a silent pro gold 1200w for now. Most games I play are not at Metro 2033 level of intensity. By the time BF3 comes out the 580 might be a little cheaper, then I'll buy another if I don't need it before then.
  5. The extra VRAM is aids most in anti-aliasing right? I don't think you need more than 4x AA at 2560x1440, if that high.
  6. eric4277 said:
    The extra VRAM is aids most in anti-aliasing right? I don't think you need more than 4x AA at 2560x1440, if that high.

    the higher the resolution the more VRAM you need. 1gb is pretty ok at 1080p but your resolution is almost 2x as many pixels as 1080p so you should definitely get 2GB of memory if you can.

    that way VRAM wont be your bottleneck. :)
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  8. I voted best answer too soon. I found some relevant info about gtx 580s.

    Here is the link to some charts for a 3gb vs 1.5gb 580 at 2560x1600.

    As you can see in all the charts there is very little improvement from having 3gb of vram. I don't know if newer games will benefit from more VRAM but from those charts 1.5gb seems to be fine.

    That being said I also found something else interesting. MSI will be releasing a gtx 580 3GB lightning model soon. And seeing as I am still waiting for a few releases for my build, I think I will grab two of those just in case. They don't look better aesthetically than the normal 580 lightnings though.

    Edit: There are also rumors of an Asus Ares 595, which is supposed to be based on the same cooler as the other one they released for ATI. From what I recall, the last Ares was way overpriced and did not perform up to the price tag.
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