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Hello, in this image; I have removed the clamps which hold the mini-heatsink in place, however, the heatsink itself will not budge. I have to apply new thermal paste so I need to get under the heatsink, what's the problem?
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  1. did you try a hammer? j/k.
  2. The heatsinks may have thermal epoxy on them and be unremovable without damaging the board or component? You can try warming the heatsinks or board but if they heatsinks don't move, I'd expect they are epoxied.
  3. the thermal paste has got a really good grip on it--try using a twisting motion to break the seal rather

    than a pulling upwards motion
  4. like i said...a hammer. lol
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    Get a hair dryer and blast the heatsink for a minute or so. Then try and remove the heatsink, and as has already been said, a twisting motion will help. Some TIM will set when cool, but it becomes pliable again when it is heated.
  6. Best answer selected by no0bi1.nnif you don't want to heat the system by external means, keeping the system running will eventually warm the epoxy enough to budge
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