9500GS Idle temp 71


Just got this PCIe card 9500GS 512mb it is used and came as a gift, the idle temp on this card is 71 C.

Tried a 3D game after almost a minute it crashed

any suggestions, I also installed the latest drivers.

Thanks in advance
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    It seems that the card is faulty or the fan on it is not working well.Try to use EVGA precision to increase the fan speed and if still it overheats , you can try to reapply thermal paste if it is not covered by warranty. :)
  2. thanks for reply

    I did increase the fan speed to 90% (using the EVGA precision) which decreased the temperature to 57 on load, BUT still the PC crashes when I start any 3d game or even refresh windows 7 experience index,

    Also the GPU usage does not exceed 98% (as shown on EVGA precision)

    what should I do?

    sorry for the late reply
  3. Seems like they pawned it off cause it wasn't working. If they gave you the box and stuff you could try to rma ,but I am unsure of the warranty.
  4. there is no warranty for this GPU
  5. electrolics said:
    there is no warranty for this GPU

    You might be out of luck as the card was probably faulty so they gave it to you. If you are looking for a replacement you could pick up a 6670 ,which would be a lot better than what you currently have. This card would not require a extra power connector.
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  7. What happened dude.Is your problem solved? http://img.tomshardware.
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