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Does the ASUS P8Z68-V LX LGA have wireless access

I just moved and forgot to install Ethernet ports in the rooms. This is only a problem because I'm not sure my motherboard supports Wireless. Can someone tell me, I've searched but nothing I've found is complete.

So, does this motherboard have wireless possibilities. I wish I could just use wired considering I believe it to be more, reliable.
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    I does not (I have a P8Z68-V LE, one step above the LX, and it doesn't have it either). Just get a USB wireless adapter or PCI wireless adapter and you'll be all set.
  2. It doesn't have built-in wireless but you can just add a PCI express or PCI wifi card
  3. EDIT was looking at wrong board

    no you don't have wireless
  4. flank21 said:
    nah you don't have wireless, you do have bluetooth :)

    Not on the LX he doesn't.
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