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Best motherboard for 150-200

what u guys think i should get? z77 of-course
for 150 to 200$
at least to have 2 sata 3 connectors
can put a literally big cpu cooling heat sink
have alc 898 audio at least or another manufacturer
its ok about the number of usb 3 ports but it must have a usb 3 headers for my thermaltake chaser mk i case
some boards have rally bad places for he fans so thats a must to have a good fan headers place
and is thunderbolt needed in a motherboard these days? like can i use it for an ssd?
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    For $190 get the gigabyte one. You will get all the spec you want.
  2. well for less i can get the asus maximus v gene which is better in benchmarks and real life and it can take 3ghz memory and its a great overclocker
    thanks tho :D
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