Windows 7 restarting again and again

my windows is restarting again and again. sometimes it is working fine, but then after 10-15 mins, it again restarts. it started yesterday, i thought of it as normal so i didnt pay much attention but now its freaking me out. please help. i have windows 7 ultimate version. and i didnt download any malware or something.
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  1. You probably have a hardware issue. Please create a new post in one of the Hardware sections. Include detailed info about your system and specify which version of Windows 7 is installed.
  2. +1. Sounds like you have either a heat problem, or a faulty stick of RAM. Use MemTest86+ to check the ram, and HWMonitor to check your temps.
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  4. I say your PSU is the problem, since thats the #1 cause to the restarting problems.
    but please, post your specs.
  5. Random restart can be any thing from a software or loose connection to a failing motherboard. In my experience, the easiest way to diagnose the problem is pull everything out of the case and build the computer on a non-conducting surface. The from there test all the hardware components. But I agree, please post your system specs.
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