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I built a computer about 2.5 years ago with a first generation core i7 processor in an ASROCK X58 Extreme motherboard. The board had everything I wanted at the time, and it performed well for just over a year. Then, I started getting a problem where, when I shut down the computer, I couldn't turn it back on for another hour or so. If I did, the computer would turn on, but I would get nothing out of the motherboard. There would be no beeping, no display on the LED, nothing from the motherboard. However, power was getting to the graphics card, optical drives, hard drives, etc. I would get no display, and would just have to force shut down. If I waited for about an hour and then turned it back on, everything would work great. Well, as I was getting fed up with that, I ordered another X58 Extreme, as I thought the motherboard had started malfunctioning. The new board worked well for about a year, and then started doing the exact same thing. However, now it has gotten to the point where the motherboard simply won't light up, no matter how long I wait. Again, there is power to everything else, and I have checked all the connections. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is the motherboard done, or is there something I am overlooking?
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  1. Try replacing the motherboard but dont try the same one. Use another brand.

    Good Luck!
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