EP45-UD3R rev 1.1 Sound Problems

PSU- Corsair 650w
Motherboard- Gigabyte EP45-UD3R rev 1.1
CPU- E8400 3.0 ghz
Video- Radeon HD 6850
Sound- On-board Realtek
Memory- 8 gigs ddr2
OS- Windows 7 64 Home Premium

I get sound popping and cracking only in games. Its random from game to game. Some games are worse than others. The strange thing is that this only occurs in games, I can stream, play music, or anything else and the audio is fine.

What I have tried:
Updated drivers both audio and video to the latest.
Messed with the headphone jack

I only use headphones, with a mic and sound output jack (its not usb)

The problem started a few weeks ago right around the time I installed Tribes: Ascend and the 12.4 CCC drivers. Not sure if its a problem with directx files Tribes installed or if it was the video drivers. After I noticed the issue, I updated the audio drivers and the problem continued. So I updated my CCC drivers to 12.6 and the problem continued / got worse. So I reformatted and tried 12.6, 12.4, 11.10, 11.8 CCC drivers and the same audio drivers. Nothing really happened.

Not sure if its a memory issue, some driver problem, or if there is an issue with directx. Or it could be something completely different. Thinking about doing a system restore to just after I reformatted and update my CCC drivers to 12.4 and not install tribes and see what happens. The reason I don't like 12.6 CCC driver is because the overscan settings would not save.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: Ran DPC latency checker and I'm getting all low green bars, so not sure what the issue is.
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  1. Update:

    Just replaced my on-board audio with an old sound card I had laying around. After installing the creative sound blaster audigy se card, uninstalling the old audio and all of its drivers, used driver sweeper and installed the new card. Well after all of that I'm still getting popping and crackling on audio usually when a sound starts or stops. I also updated to the 12.6 CCC drivers once more, using diver sweeper etc.

    I did all of this right after I loaded an earlier backup of windows to right after I had a fresh install. Still no change after all of that. So, not sure what else to try.

    Edit: Just tried a different headset I had laying around, a Logitech usb one, still having the popping and crackling.
  2. try to disable ET6 or another gigabyte utilities,most of motherboard utilities are bloatware..i have ga-H61M-s2p and have same problem with you,after disable ET6 those popping/crack sound was gone. :sol:
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