Vostro 460 mini work with a GTX 460

Just bought a basic configuration of a Dell Vostro 460 Mini Tower and I am looking to upgrade the graphics card to a GTX 460. I know I need to upgrade the power supply but I was wondering if anybody new of any other problems I might run into? thanks
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  1. My rule is if the PSU came with the requisite two 6-pin PCI-E connectors, then you're good to go for the card. The gtx 460 doesn't draw too much power.
  2. Thanks, just placed the order and now the waiting game.
  3. If the graphics card requires a 2.1 PCIE slot.. but you only have a 2.0 PCI slot (like many old-ish dell mobo's).. then won't you be in trouble? Because I'm in that sort of situation right now. lol
  4. There's no difference between PCI-E 2.0 and 2.1 for Nvidia cards, and I'm skeptical as to whether there's any difference for AMD cards either. No video card anywhere "requires" any type of PCI-E slot; the PCI-E spec is near-perfectly backwards AND forwards compatible.
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