"Good" Motherboard for i5-3570k

I've decided to go with the i5-3570k over the i5-2500k for my new build. From researching here and elsewhere, I've gathered that the recommended motherboard for this CPU is the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO.


While I would love to buy this nice motherboard, I would also love to save some money. All I need in this motherboard is:
1) SATA 6
2) PCI 3.0 (for a GTX 670 FTW, at least 2 slots would be nice as well in case I SLI in the future)
3) Wireless internet connection
4) Good overclockability for the CPU

So is there another motherboard that is "good" and qualifies with these four specifications that costs less than the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO? I am willing to pay the $209.99 for it, but money saved is money earned.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
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  1. Seems like it is the one for that budget. Gigabyte will cost same for same spec.
  2. I've been thinking about getting the Asrock z77 extreme 4 for my new build (preferences much like what you stated)


    I don't believe it has build in wireless, but buying a card on the side would still make it a cheaper solution. (also I really prefer having a cable for my desktop anyway)

    Also you do get a little "worse"/less phasing for the CPU (12+4 asus vs. 8+4 asrock), which as far as I've understood is related to overclocking the CPU - but again as far as I understand (from the phasing stickie in this forum) 8 + 4 should be fine for an OC to around 4 GHz, given that cooling is sufficient (But i guess that always applies).
    (I'm very new to this part so don't put too much weight in my words, but as I understand 4+1 phasing is more likely to fail, 8+4 less likely and 12+4 even less)

    However, as far as reputation goes I think Asus has the Asrock beaten, but I'm not sure that makes the Asrock a decisively bad board - and there is money to be saved and spent elsewhere ;-)

    just my newbie thoughts on the matter,
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