2 Xfired 5770 Heat Problems

so here the full story incase it may shine some details on what the problem might be.

I run the 2 cards as stated above and Ive never noticed high temps before, my friend recently got a GTX 560 TI sc and i threw it in mine after removing all traces of ATI drivers after having some fun i switched them back about 3 hours later and removed all nVidia drivers, blah blah back to the 5770s.

Now I'm getting idle temps of 50-56c and high load temps anywhere from 80-92c depending on the fan speed I set, should i be concerned, if so what can i do to fix them?

HAF 932
Gigabyte mobo
AMD x6 black edition
8GB Kingston ram

Thanks for the help in advance :bounce:

EDIT: Card 2 never goes above 50c
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  1. Here's a 5770 crossfire review:


    Temps were in the mid 70's, so if you are low 80's it shouldn't be a big deal (depending on what kind of case and airflow you have going on). 92c is getting pretty out of hand though. Do you have numbers that you've previously noted? Is it possible you just didn't notice high temps before but you were getting similar numbers?
  2. It's quite possible i didn't notice I'm not at home at the moment ill repost once i get home and can do some tests.

    Ty for the help :)))
  3. Not really what I would consider normal. My two 5770 cards stay at around 42-44 degrees Celsius at idle, and at load the highest I have seen them at is around 66 to 68 degrees Celsius. Are you using the single slot cooler versions, or ones with the original blocky AMD cooler, or a better dual slot cooler type from His, MSI, ect? The single slot cooled and original releases with the AMD cooler are supposed to run a bit warmer then most other releases.
  4. they are the XFX release and i solved it by moving them around not exactly sure but it worked =/
  5. Hey,
    I used to have CF 5770's and heat was a factor for me. The CCC fan controls did a very poor job, never increasing the fan speeds to proper levels for the heat being created. I even experience some crashing in 2033 when pushing the cards very hard. I was forced to control the fans manually to about 65 percent to avoid the issues. My cards would be overheating and CCC would have the fans at 35 percent!
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