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Which is the Better Motherboard ? ?

Hi Guys,

Im about to build a PC ( 1st time )

The case I’m going to use for the build is s the Fractal design Define Mini

The CPU I’m going to get is the: i5 3550

This PC won’t be used for gaming, So I won’t be adding a graphics card. I will just use the integrated one.

I would like to get some advice in determining which is the best motherboard from the two I’ve picked below

They are:

Asus P8H77-M Pro ($115)

Asus P8Z77-M Pro ($135)

I’ve gone over the specs of both boards and I can’t seem to find too much of a difference.

The only differences I found are these:

P8Z77-M Pro has x2 PCIe 3.0
has x6 USB 3.0
has x8 USB 2.0
has x3 chassis fan connectors

P8H77-M Pro has x1 PCIe 3.0
has x4 USB 3.0
has x10 USB 2.0
has x2 chassis fan connectors

So is it worth the extra $20 in price for the P8Z77-M Pro ?

Your advice is much appreciated as this is all quite foreign to me and Im unsure which is a better board in general ?

Advance thanks
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  1. Anyone ?
  2. well, it is clear that p8z77 m-pro is unique option.
  3. As you dont want to gaming and your cpu in non-overclocker version, so go for P8H77-M Pro. It is for non-overclock and has low cost.

    z77 mobo is for gaming, supports multi gpu(which you dont need, as you will use built-in) and overclocker and cost more.
  4. hmmm, im still confused... i know i wont be overclocking etc, but isnt the p8z77 m pro worth the extra $20 considering it has more usb 3 and an extra PCIe ?

    thanks for the replies
  5. it worth if money is not an issue.
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    If you dont want to use more than one gpu then p8z77 m pro is not worth. Totally Useless, just throwing extra money.

    But if you have plan for upgrade later, then go for it if money is not an issue. Who knows what you want to do next. Maybe high end gaming. It is worth for $20 for future upgrade.
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