Usb Port Stops Working, Could the motherboard be broken?

My usb mouse, keyboard, microphone, etc randomly just stop working; However, It has power. the red lazer on the mouse is on, num lock is on, mic light is on, it just doesn't work.

I've tried:
re-installing mouse/usb/keyboard drivers
updating bios
unplugging and plugging it back in
plugging it in to different port (works, but stops working after about 10 minutes and then i have to restart)
uninstalled .net and reinstalled
turned off ability for usb to sleep

only temporarily fixes if I restart. Every time it happens it seems to be happening more frequently.

This started happening when i opened my computer to clean it.. IDK if the mobo is malfunctioning, can anyone please tell me if they'd had this problem and how to fix it?

Gateway dx4860
8gigs ram
intel i7
radeon 6770
windows 7 home premium

but seriously, someone please help, is there any costless way to fix this?

I have the same problem as:

it could be that i short-circuited the mobo? ( i cleaned the fans with a feather duster. )

Thank you anyone that may be able to help me fix this.
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  1. Please, someone help.
  2. sorry no answer, but I have very similar issue. My usb mouse would briefly stop working every ~20 seconds (like a lag spike). Occasionally, both the keyboard and mouse would just completely stop responding. Even after re-plugging the usb devices, I'd get no responce and I'd have to reboot.

    This happens for both front panel usb ports and back; I've updated my mobo BIOS and reinstalled the drivers.

    OS:Win 7 64-bit
    Mobo: MSI Mpower Z77 (Big Bang)
  3. Is there still no answer to this? because I just got the same issue my ports are providing power but none of my devices are working
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