Sound through my Home Audio System?

I want really to setup my computer so that it plays the sound throught my home audio system. I already have my TV setup as my monitor. I need now to get the sound through my reciever. I know that I need to upgrade my sound card. What sound card is best for this? I have a Sony STR-DE845 Reciever! Thanks
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  1. A friend of mine uses the Creative live Gold(i think). It has no onboard amp so you have to use an external.

    Not sure if they still produce that card.

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  2. Radio Shack sells the patch cord, it has a small plug on one end for your sound card and then splits to two RCA jacks for input to the back of your receiver. About six feet long and about $5.00.
    I then went to the local thrift store and picked up a high end receiver for $19.00 ( about 8 Thrift stores and a week till the right unit came along) and a set of bookshelf Advents for $12.00 each and if rocks the house! Good luck, Frank
  3. all u need is a line out on ur sound card...then run that to an input on ur receiver (video3, cd, aux...anything but phono) and u should be good to go :) when i did mine i had some bad distortion, i think it was grounding, but no matter what i tried i could not get it to go away...i have since upgraded to a soundblaster live x-gamer, but not tried it since...
  4. Ive been doing it for years, using EXACTLY what that guy said, a splitter from Radio Shack hehe. Now im buying a new home audio system, and im hoping that the optical digital inputs i see in them are compatible with the optical digital out on the new high quality soundcards. Another thing that annoyed me was, SB used to put out an ISA card (YUCK..and yeah thats how long since they lost theyre marbles) that actually had left and right RCA jacks out. That was great, because you good go right to the input of any home audio. Problem is, thats the only model i ever saw that i looked for awhile. I even wrote Creative Labs and they said they had no plans to do that, and thats the only model they did it. So, yes GO FOR IT~! The sound is surprisingly good, although better out jacks on the newer cards hopefully will vastly improve the quality. In case your wondering what to ask for at Radio Shack, i beleive its 1/8th to RCA plugs. Basically tell them you want to go from walkman headphones to your stereo input. If you have a newer card tho, and a new home receiver, see if you have more options.
  5. skanther, just wanted to let you know i just wrote a few emails about this because im going to be where you are soon <G> Im in the makret for a new home receiver and WILL be putting my puter thru it. From what i read now, SB Live cards have an optical digital out called SPDIF. I just wrote Yamaha about the possibility of buying theyre RX-V1 model and asking if any of theyre optical digital inputs are SPDIF format. Ill let you know when i hear back anything. You may want to look in your Sony handbook and see if you have otpical digitla, and if it says what format it is, great, LET ME KNOW~! hehe. You can do what we talked about above, but converting from 1/8th to RCA is a OK fix at best, and certainly nowhere near the quality youd get from a direct optical digital connection.
  6. guys,
    fyi, all spdif digital outputs use the same format and so there would be no problem outputting the digital output from a sound card to a av receiver with a spdif in (in fact what i do, and the quality is vastly superior to running the sound thru a creative PCI 128 and analogue cables to the same amp). The card i use is a guillemot fortissimo and alhtough has no 5.1 output otherwise is excellent.
    Hope this helps.
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