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I got a Black Widow Ultimate from Best Buy a week ago, and still can return it.

The Logitech G510 is $50 cheaper than the Black Widow.

I am in the dilemma on whether to keep my mechanical keyboard or get the flash logitech. Not to mention my mouse just dropped $20, so if i did return it, i would get $70, which i would get a game or a 2tb hard drive!

The main problem is, I know the G510 Space Bar, sucks. Like i have used it, and when you cross the threshold it doesn't always respond. Plus i googled it and many people suffer this problem, and the big problem is, no one has an answer to fix it.

My question is, does any body have a remedy for the space bar. Like could i take a space bar from an older logitech and put it on there.
Or like on my old MPK's drum pads i put rubber circles underneath so i would get a response with the slightest touch?

Your opinion is also wanted, like what would you get? The thing is, i got an intuos4, G700 mouse and this keyboard on Best Buys 18 month plan, if not i would of just got anything off the internet.

But my only choices are Black Widow or G510, or just a regular keyboard, non gaming.
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  1. I wanted to add, that the only MMO i ever plan to play is, The Old Republic.

    But i mainly play BF3, Arkham City, Diablo 3 and other games like these.

    I mainly play games on PC, and just bought a 560 ti last night. Which means having the best keyboard is a given!

    Soon i can get either a Zambezi & AM3+ or Sandy w/1155. But thats something i need to read about before i post q/a's!
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