Realtek HD Audio installed but no sound - updated drivers.

I\'ve updated chipset and audio drivers - uninstalled and reinstalled - updated windows - none of these worked. The automated MSG for any device pluged in does not show, even though it is turned on. any suggestions?? I\'m clueless...
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  1. I can't get sound either and am having same problems and sypmtons as previous post.
    mobo: Z77a-g43
  2. Just remebered that the audio chip might be bad and others have had similar problems in the past that could be it but, my information may not be reliable so don't take my word for it.
  3. Thnx for the replay combine1237. I figured that, just installed a new sound card, saved all the trouble.
  4. Wait, think i found problem do you have ati graphic card and are using hdmi for display? ?Because sound works through monitor.
  5. No, I wish i had an HDMI component. I'll know, for next time, to get a board with HDMI and sound.
  6. For onboard sound/audio, you need to enable the Audio controller in the BIOS then you need to install WDM before installing the Audio drivers, and then only those drivers as per the motherboard specifications.
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