GTX 560 Ti Multiple Monitors

Okay I am building my first system. My previous computer was a Dell laptop.
My question is would a single GTX 560 Ti be strong enough to run two monitors?
I use my computer for some gaming, for games like Civ V Oblivion etc.
This is the exact card I am looking at. I have heard there are problems with the overclocked cards should I be concerned?
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  1. Running two monitors isn't hard. In your case, you'd probably end up having the game run on one monitor in full screen mode, with the other monitor showing your regular desktop so you can do things like browse around online, etc.

    (Unless that's not what you had in mind)

    If this is the case, the 560 would be perfectly fine. I've had SSC versions of EVGA cards in the past, and they've proven to be perfectly fine. EVGA is a strong brand, so I'm sure it'll be OK.
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