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My 3.5 inch Floppy Disk Drive isn't working properly. The IRQ is set fine.. the cables are in snug. The problem started shortly after I installed a Soundblaster Live MP3+ 5.1 soundcard. I seem to be getting a Phantom drive. The FDD will read the information at first but then when I try to open something it won't work. It'll usually let me copy things from the disk and place them into my harddrive. But I can't save things too disk or format disk. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. I don't know what OS you're using, but I had a very similar problem a few years ago on Win95...I don't know what caused it. However, I finally went into: System Properties|Device Manager and deleted my floppy drive AND floppy drive controller, rebooted and everything was fine. I remember I spent many hours trying to troubleshoot this.

  2. Oh guess I should put down my system..
    650MHZ Duron
    128MB RAM
    16MB TNT2 Vanta
    48X CD-ROM
    20GB IDE Ultra ATA 66 Hard drive
    Soundblaster Live MP3+

    I'll give your suggestion a try. Thanks. I'll get back to you.
  3. Unfortunitly it didn't work. Still getting the disk errors when I try to copy to disk and errors when I try to open files that are saved on disk. When I put one disk in, the information shows up on a second disk, even though they don't have the same information.
  4. Well, then I don't know. If you think it's related to the sound card, try removing it and the software to see whether the problem goes away. If it does "fix it", then you'll have to take it from there (heh).

    If it doesn't fix the problem, maybe it's just a coincidence. Does your BIOS indentify the floppy correctly? I did a bit of hunting and saw one reference to a similar problem. Ther fix was to upgrade the BIOS...

  5. Is this sb trying to load 16 bit emulation drivers at boot? Is the floppy irq a shared resource w/ another device? Is the floppy at the end of the 34 pin controller ribbon?

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  6. Get a head cleaning kit for the drived. Put a few drops on a disk with a cleaning pad then run it for several seconds (go to my computer and just try accessing the disk to activate) if this does not work, guess go to your local computer store and get a different one. Price $10-$30 depending if new, brand, used-but tested. I purchased one for new system at a computer show for like $8.00 used and it has worked fine.
  7. The IRQ and DMA for the floppy isn't being used by anything else. The FDD is using the usually IRQ and DMA. I do have the SB 16 Emulator enabled and it's loads up. I tried disabling it thru the Device Manager but the FDD still didn't work. I've checked the cable a few times and made sure it's pulled in snug and tight and in the proper Floppy Controller.
  8. Does the floppy do anything else odd? ie. light stays on etc. And really, do try removing the sound card and making sure it works without it, and if it doesn't then you know it's your floppy and not your sound card. It may just be a coincidence.
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