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my internet used to be perfectly fine. that is until about a month ago, when i couldnt use utorrent anymore. I thought it was just a software glitch, and forgot about it, but then, i downloaded Steam, and it couldnt even connect to the server,let alone create an account. More software glitches, i figured. all my old programs connected just fine. but then, when i updated skype, it stopped working too. as did an MMORPG i kept on my usb. so, i checked out a few forums, and they generally told me to check my pc with Avast and Spybot S&D. so i did. well, partially. Avast came up clean, but Spybot couldnt even download it's database. basically, none of the programs i download can connect to the internet. I cant even update my antivirus, or download from Brothersoft (which use downloaders to download the software). Anyone know how to fix this? I am running a Compaq with windows Vista installed. if anyone can fix this, thx.
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  1. Try booting you pc into Save Mode with Network

    Then download Malwarebytes, install it, update it, and run a full scan.
  2. I cant update. all my programs cannot connect to the internet.
  3. boot your pc into "Save Mode with Network"

    click START button and click on Run.

    type cmd in the box and hit Enter.

    you should see a DOS window.

    type ping

    does is work?
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