New mobo lan question....

im swapping over to intel cause im sick of gett'n f'd over and lied to by amd's cpu division...ill still run their gpu's....but thats it.....

anywho...the board ive chosen is Asus' P8P67 WS Revolution...and with it comes "One Intel 82574L Gigabit LAN and one Intel 82579 Gigabit LAN that supports teaming".....

is there any way to take advantage of some sort of internet RAID....or R>A>I>C(redundent array of internet cables)???

if not is one of these intel chips better that the other for normal internet ....gaming surfing streaming???

thanx if anyone can learn me som'n

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  1. dont worry about it, for internet, the internet connection itself is going to be the limiting factor in speed, not your lan connection.
  2. I believe pretty much all of the recent dual gigabit lan have "teaming" support ( lan to other computers without being connected to router), I've done it with my 790fx -gd70, which does not state to have "teaming" support
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    Teaming is combining both lans into 1 much like raid 0 does with two harddrives. Unfortunately this would only work as far out as your router or home network. You ISP Modem is likely to be 100Mb and the speed limiting factor which can only be increased by your ISP. I beleive some ISP support dual modems for teaming purposes if they haven't done away with it in favor of their 'wideband' services.
  4. I see, but with the current connections speeds it's totally useless.
  5. ahhh i see......what if i run directly to the modem.....or better yet get another and run both.....would one that gets 15mbps + one that gets 15mbps = 30mbps???

    ps're a prick..........i actually fell for
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