Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU(s)


I have old rig the only thing I've kept up to date (somewhat) is the graphics cards. Current Specs:

AMD Athlon x2 5400 @2.93ghz
2gb OCZ DDR2 800
Gigabyte GA-m55sli-s4 mobo(was top of the line when new)
Sata disk drives.

Playin on a 24inch 1080p with graphic settings on high.

2x MSI GTX460 Hawks.
My question is after i added my second card for sli, i didnt see that much difference in FPS in gameplay, the avg frames i usally get in crysis 2 is about 55ish in sli, where before i was getting about the same. Is there any software out there that will tell me if my CPU is holding me back? I dont want to upgrade unless im going to see a big increase in frame rates.
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  1. Yes, it seems like your cpu is bottlenecking. Overclock? :S
  2. Your CPU and RAM are holding you back a lot. You would see a HUGE difference with a modern quad core (Phenom II or i5) and 4 or 8 gigs of RAM.
  3. Are you sure SLi is working correctly? Have you enabled the indicator in NVP to show that it is working in game?
  4. Yes it is... You would have to get at least a Phenom X4 955 or something to get it to perform better!
  5. not only your cpu but 2gb of ram is definitely not enough. 4gb should be a minimum nowadays. even goin from 4gb to 8gb i noticed a huge difference right away.
  6. Years ago, I got a HUGE boost in gamin going from X2 4400+ to a E8500, both stock, when I was using a 9600GT.

    I can't even imagine the gains going from a 'similar' CPU to a Phenom II or a core i5, when using a SLI GTX 460.

    If u need any benchmark reference, I have a SLI GTX 460 system with stock clocks. I could ran some benchs here If u want
  7. Well I've been holding back a while now i guess its time to upgrade to the i5 2500k, I just really like my old rig it was my first build and its never given me a problem.
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