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AMD Radeon HD 6770 is 80c to high while playing a game?

Hi there,

I was just wandering if 80c was to high for my graphic card. The Game i was playing was Battlefield Bad Company 2. It is 65c atm when im on the internet. I was also thinking of getting the Cooler Master HAF 912 Case, any suggestions on getting it or not?
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    80c is about right while playing games. Its possible the fan profile is a bit slow in order to keep the noise down a bit. possible to you could use something like Afterburner to set a user defined fan profile that runs the fan a bit faster to get the temps lower.
    You can enable manual fan control in the CCC as well but thats just a slider that would set the fan at one speed.

    The HAF (High Air Flow) cases are very good in my opinion and i wouldn't hesitate in getting one. In fact my next build will be using one.

    Mactronix :)
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