Memory trouble with AM3 CPU in AM2+

I just put new AM3 CPU in my Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 motherboard that has a AM2+ socket. I read that because the AM3 CPU's have ddr2 and 3 controllers they are backwards compatible. My Mobo does say it is running the RAM in "unganged mode" whatever that means. The Computer boots up fine and does normal stuff great and fast. However, when I try to render with 3DS Max it eithe BSOD's or Max has an error and shuts down while corrupting the memory of other programs(Chrome will start bugging out and flashing) and I have to restart. I think it is trouble with memory but the memory diagnostic doesn't come up with anything and it runs fine except when it renders which is very RAM and CPU intensive. Max ran fine on my old 2.8 dual core proc. I have 6GB of RAM so it should be adequate for the scenes I'm rendering. Can anyone shed some light?
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  1. Did you upgrade BIOS for the latest when you put the new AM3 CPU ? Is that new AM3 CPU is in the supported list of CPUs in your MOBOs manual ?
  2. No I didn't, but the mobo says its supports Phenom II processors and even has Am3 written on the motherboard itself. But I was actually able to get it to work. I went into the overclocking section and set the lock to be the default frequency manually and set voltage to normal and it fixed it. Not sure why the board had it at weird settings but I didn't see that at first.
  3. So you figured it out, also ensure to run with the latest BIOS, sometimes it fixes compatibility issues and improves performance.
  4. Will that likely decrease CPU temp? See my new post about that. If it won't then i don't want to risk flashing.
  5. No risk flashing, you're not flashing back...even though flashing back is easy if you have a Dual BIOS.
    Always check the latest BIOS for your MOBO from Gigabyte website, see improves and fixes... then decide if you want to flash or not.
    It has nothing to do with the CPU temp.
  6. I'm in agreement with ilysaml it's usually always a good idea to upgrade the bios when changing the cpu.
    Next to impossible to screw up a Gigabyte bios too.
    I've seen some messed up ones in my day and all were salvageable.
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