Computer wont turn on, not psu, mobo?

computer specs
amd athlon 6400+
asus m3n-hdmi
corsair xms2 4gb (2x2)
gtx 260
Thermaltake Purepower W0129RU 600 W ATX12V SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply

everything was working fine. i just bought a house so i packed up and moved. on the ride over, it sat on its side, but very snug. did not get thrown around or anything. plugged it up and nothing, no fans, no beeps.

so i took it to my dads who has a pc very similar to mine. didnt remove his psu but plugged the 24 pin and 4 pin into my mobo and attempted to turn it on. again nothing, none of his fans turned on or anything. so from this i am confident its not the psu. my fans and hdd werent hooked up to his psu but it should have attempted to turn his fans on right? i had also tested my power button with a meter, it works.

since im getting no post beeps, is it safe to assume its motherboard? the green light on the mobo lights up, so its getting power? can the green light be lit and it still not work? or does this mean its the cpu? i tried resitting everything including the ram with no luck. ram is tops a month old, but was working flawlessly before the move.

local computer store wants $70 to diagnose. i feel at that point i should just buy a new mobo($100) and new cpu(upgrade to quad core $100) and psu is fine so i just upgraded. because if i have to spend $70 to find out its mobo and then $100 on mobo i would feel much better having spent $200 to fix and upgrade. but im not 100% sure its the mobo

thoughts ideas suggestions
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  1. Tough case. From what I understand, a motherboard can still be turn on without anything but the cpu and the psu. In another word, it is possible that your cpu is fried. Thus, it explains why you can't turn it on. In another case, one of the chips in your motherboard is not working, but the led can still be lit up.

    So, in a nut shell, one of those two is not working. But in many case, a motherboard will fried if a thunderstorm occurs or power outage (these are the common cases). In some situation, people can still turn on their computer even though their motherboard is fried, but will experience crashes and bsod.

    if you ask me, I say replacing it is better than bring it to the store for diagnose. i can't guarenteed, but I have a feeling it is the cpu since the cpu fail more often than the mobo

    fyi, mobo packaging box doesn't have tape around it like cpu so you could buy a mobo, test it to see if it work, if not, then just bring it back to the store and return it
  2. if the cpu was bad, would the motherboard not be able to beep signaling its the cpu? or does it need a working cpu to beep?
  3. here is the cpu ill buy if i need a new one. i really dont want to buy more than i need, even tho this is a sick price. i just got a house and a baby and probably should save rather than splurge.

    so does anyone know if the mobo will beep with or without the processor?
  4. it won't beep. when you turn on a computer, what happen is that it will run a POST test. then, whatever the result is, it will beep in a certain sequence telling you if it can't detect any hardware and etc. However, in order to run such a test, the cpu needs to process the data. So, if your cpu is bad, your computer won't turn on.
  5. Just because your dad's PSU didnt turn the computer on does not mean that your PSU is good. It may not occur as often as it use to, but when a PSU dies it can take parts with it. I would get a cheap PSU tester, or use a multimeter to test your PSU to make sure that it is in fact not dead. Otherwise you risk buying new mobo/proc and instantly frying it!!!!

    It is very likely a crack or stress on the mobo from the move. You can try to reflow the board in your oven, or with a heat gun (I have had some success with the heat gun, never tried the oven technique yet).

    All that said; Why try to diagnose the mobo? This is the perfect excuse for an upgrade! woot!
  6. how can u test the psu with a multimeter?

    i guess as cheap as the cpu is, ill just buy both. but would it hurt to try just the cpu first, see if it boots? so if it does wont need the mobo?
  7. bump, want to order tonight or monday morning.

    is there no way to know for sure? anyone?
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