Can I deploy a rosewill rnx-N180UBE USB WiFi on Ubuntu Lucid?

Has anybody found a way to install this excellent WiFi adapter on Ubuntu?
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  1. There might be some help here It's unlikely such a company would fail to provide support for an OS the likes of Ubuntu. It's probable you'll need to work as SUDO.

  2. Hello Saga , I regret to say that did not seem to help my largely-Linux-ignorant brain. I am quite desperate to get USB WiFi on a new UBUNTU box; neither of my Netgear ones work either. Can anybody indicate a USB WiFi which <*always works on UBUNTU Lucid*>. Thanks anyone, much appreciated. --Grahame
  3. yes it works!
  4. Good to hear from you "Area 51". Please excuse my general ignorance and undoubted stupidity, but what exactly are you referring to when you say "it works". --G :love:

  5. I have to admit I don't like Debian and I'm pretty ambivalent on Gnome so Ubuntu is not one of my favourites but I frequently use the 64 bit version to fix errant Windows systems and have yet to hear of a driver it's failed to find.

    If area51reopened hasn't posted again in a while, I'll kick up a system and see if I can sort this with you but did you follow the details in that link I posted?
  6. Thanks very much Saga. I'm afraid I am just too ignorant and insecure about Linux to do a manual installation of anything and expect to get it to work (I have had several attempts, and I just get lost). I have tried the $lsusb console app. so I can find the chip versions. What troubles me a bit is that both my Netgear USB WiFi (which work OK on Win XP machines) are very "iffy" on the Ubuntu box. Either it does not find them at all (disconnected or not ready) or they are recognized and connection results -- and my router says they are attached -- but I cannot get anything on a Netscape browser, and eventually the displays (I have two Ubuntu boxes) just freeze after say 10' and I have to reboot. The Netgear WiFi either show no blue light or it flashes very fast (which is unusual). I'm thinking perhaps I will have to drill a hole in the wall and put in an ethernet cable!

    Those should get you going with the Rosewill RNX-N180UBE on Ubuntu. I use it all of the time and works flawlessly, I was actually surprised on how well this little usb wifi adapter worked. :o
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