Computer turned on, but it isn't responding!!

I just bought a new case that came with a 450W PSU for a budget cost.

It arrived today, and I went on to move my every old computer components (except the old PSU that died) to my new case. Everything was going well until I finished building my new case. I turned it on for the first time, it did power on but there is no response on the monitor, the hard drive doesn't seem to be running, and the CPU fan just keeps running at high speed without dropping, the keyboard and mouse lights were gone, they usually would lite up after I power on the comp. Everything else seems to be running ok.. Could it be something was damaged on the MB while I was setting it up?

I haven't turned my computer on for 5 months every since the PSU died and I had a 5 month vacation after.

Anyone know what could be causing the problem? Thanks!!!
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  1. We need to know the names/models of the case and psu you bought, as well as your cpu and any graphics cards installed.

    Its possible you missed a wiring connection, a bad psu, or an underpowered psu. It could also be a CMOS/battery issue. We'll know more after we get your specs.

    Meanwhile, double check your wiring - specifically the 20/24-pin and 4/8 pin power connectors that plug into the motherboard.

    Were you required to install the motherboard standoffs in your new case, or were they pre-installed?
  2. Hello... is there a PC speaker hooked up for what we Call a "error BEEP Code"? the good thing is power does remain on and no burning smell or sudden shut down... try re-seating the video card... memory... and power cables first...

    Could you give further information on the make/model/specs of the system?

    We need to get a video display first of all before we can trouble shoot anything else... do you have a different video card laying around? does your old case have a PC speaker we can hook up to it? or are you using on-motherboard video output? in that case might suggest your ram memory is not inserted or mis-aligned in the motherboard... as the "on board" video requires the motherboard Ram/memory to work...

    Sometimes when a computer is not used in a while, the battery backup for the BIO's goes bad and needs data typed/selected agian...

    But like I said... First of all we need to get your Video working agian for further progress...
  3. Chances are something isn't plugged in correctly. Make sure the RAM is seated properly and all the cables are in tight. I had this exact problem on Tuesday and it took me 20 mintues to realize my RAM wasn't seated correctly.

    Also, it must be said that using a cheap PSU, like the one that came with your PSU is dangerous and not worth doing. I strongly recommend you upgrade to something like a Corsair CX430, which can be purchased for $20 after rebate.

    With PSUs, stick to Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, Silverstone, or XFX. FSP makes some good cheaper units like their Aurum series too. Ask me or someone else here before you buy from ANY other brand than what I just recommended. Here's a list of PSU manufacturer rankings:

    EDIT: I meant to say it could be a grounding issue. You can try breadboxing it (starting it outside the case on something non-conductive like wood or an anti-static bag).
  4. haha shame poor computer went bang
  5. I'm closing this tab. OP, PM me if you come back to check and want anymore tips.
  6. did u use thermal paste in ur processor???
    use this link it may helps u..
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