Whitch Cpu Amd or Intel?

Hi guys just wondering what cpu to get.
Its either the core i5 2500k or the amd x6 1100t?
on the internet they say the i5 is for gaming but i dont know. i will be using the prossesor only for gaming nothing else.
Also i dont know to upgrade to one of these or just keep mine untill ivy bridge because i already got an i5 750@2.67Ghz and just get a new mobo for the i5 i already have then overclock?
My mobo at the moment is some unknown foxconn i tried googling the number and everything but there are no results.
I dont know why im new at toms hardware but my posts keep going away like when i post,then the next day i cant find it again?

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  1. If you already have an i5-750 it would be a waste to upgrade to a 2500k. It's not worth it. Just pick up a decent aftermarket cooler and overclock what you already have.
  2. I'd wait. The 1100t isn't an upgrade from what you're running and the 2500k isn't a big enough upgrade, imo.
  3. As they said - the 1100t isn't an upgrade (its a downgrade in gaming) and the 2500k isn't a big enough upgrade vs your 750:

  4. so you think that i should just buy a new mobo?
    also i can get a 2500k and a mobo for R500 more than just a mobo
    there selling a mobo and 2500K for R2000 and if i wanted to just buy a mobo for my cpu now it would cost R1500 anyway should i spend R500 and get a 2500k
  5. We are saying you don't need to upgrade. Your i5-750 is fine for gaming.
  6. Why do you think you need a new mobo for your 750?
  7. which foxconn motherboard(model number) do you have right now?


    As they said - the 1100t isn't an upgrade (its a downgrade in gaming) and the 2500k isn't a big enough upgrade vs your 750:

    http://www.tomshardware.com/review [...] 030-5.html

  8. Both i5 2500k and 1100t are not worth to upgrade for gaming if you have i5 750 . The i5 750 is a nice gaming cpu .
    You need to buy a nice MB and an aftermarket cooler to overclock it to 4 ghz.
  9. Get lean mean GPU!!! :)
  10. i got a amd 6970,my mobo is horrible so i cant change anything in the bios
  11. What has BIOS got to do with the GPU? Just fit it and play.
  12. no i mean i cant overclock my cpu. is a amd 6970 alright?
  13. Its more than alright! You dont need to overclock at the drop of a hat. The i5 760 and HD6970 can give you good enough frame rates for all the games for the next year at least.
  14. ok thanks for your help guys
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