Is this a good gaming set up?

Approximate Purchase Date: mabye fall or winter 2011-2012

Budget Range: $800-$1000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing internet, watching videos, school work

Parts Not Required: all parts required

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: ( only site i know of, sorry)

Country of Origin: canada

Parts Preferences: intel core i5 2500k, artic cooling freezer 7 pro rev.2, samsung spinpoint f3 500 gb 7200gb, power supply of 550w or higher, motherboard that supports crossfire.

Overclocking: Maybe? not to sure what overclocking means, sorry

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe?

Monitor Resolution: good enought so im able to be able to see videos in HD

Additional Comments: quiet pc would be nice, and i would like a case to not be an eye sore. i also want a case that has really nice air flow.

thank you for posting replies and helping me to build my dream computer :) :) :) :)
if its worth it mabye a SSD for storing some really commonly used softwares or programs
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  1. Instead of an X6, go with an intel 2500k. Much better performance for the price. Games will not even take advantage of six cores yet. The phenoms have such high discounts because they are slowly being phased out of AMDs lineup
    You can get a 2500k for $179 if you live close enough to pick it up at a microcenter

    Also fill this out in your post and it will make it easier for people to work with your build and budget
  2. You want 1600 mhz speed ram and also the 5770 is not a gaming card.
  3. i was looking into the intel i5- 2500k but here in canada, its about $219.. im not in need of a computer right now, this one is doing ok at the time but i have a feeling something that cannot be fixed will happen to this computer so the time i would like to buy parts would be this fall or winter thank you very much :) ill probably wait until the intel i5 will go down to an affordable price for me.
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    Please fill this out.

    @ $1000 CAD you could easily afford a 2500K build.
    Check out my $900 build here.
    It'll probably translate to around the same cost in Canada.

    Also, @illfindu
    That is false, you don't NEED 1600, the real world difference from 1600 to 1333 is about 1-2% hardly even noticeable at all.
    Also I strongly disagree with that statement. The 5770 was and still is a gaming card. It runs many of the current games really well, especially at smaller resolutions.
  5. BTW, you don't need a sound card. You probably won't even notice the difference from that and the motherboard audio. I know I didn't even hear a difference.
  6. My points were aimed at he topic in question building a 1000$ gameing rig under that assumption a 5770 would be a poor choice in that price bracket and again the I did not say NEED any where in my post but considering the very small price difference to 1600 speed memory. I simply do not feel its logical to invest a grand in a system with relativity slow ram and a low end card in fact. if you look at your own signature look even the 500 budget build recommends a card 20-30%+ faster card then 5770 its a fine card now but why build a brand new PC that might not be able to play games in a year or two at any thing but min settings?
  7. And also unless you do some serious auto editing or you are a audiophile aznshinobi is really right most motherboards have good build in audio in fact some have chips comparable to hold expansion cards.
  8. ^ Ahhh.

    I see, then yes indeed at his current budget the 5770 is far from what he could actually be getting. As for DDR3 1600 it is cheap now, I'm just saying that it isn't really needed as a note to OP.
  9. I totaly agree with you azn and I also will say i was wrong that the 5770 can be a gameing card and can play quite a few games I just thought it was kinda silly in the 1000$ range you made good points though cheers.
  10. thank you for helping i filled out the form and posted the filled form as my new thread starter im still not sure about the type of graphics card or mother board now i know the radeon 5770 isnt good for 1000$, what is?
  11. Quote:
    $1000 CAD you could easily afford a 2500K build.
    Check out my $900 build here.

    i looked into this and this very helpful thank you

    6950 2GB ($260) or the 6950 1GB ($240) or 560 Ti ($220)

    azn, the graphics card mentioned in the article, are these crossfire supported?
    im thinking of the 560 ti if they are crossfire supported
  12. 560ti is a nvida card no nvida card is crossfire supported you can use multiple cards but with Nvida its called SLI and usaly the only time more memory matters IE 2gb over 1 gb is if you are going to play at higher resolutions other then that you will see very very little difference.
  13. ^ thank you my rig at the moment has very little because i figured out the m4a89gtd pro usb3 is un reliable, any motherboard suggestions for around 150-180$?
  14. ^ Not exactly. I play with the mobo sound card using my TurtleBeach P11's and it works just fine I hear enemies really well and I'm able to hear where they are. It's a huge waste of money when most of the budget should be allocated for the GPU/CPU those are the most important in a system.

    But I do see your point, but don't people usually play with headsets if they want to hear it clearly?

    As illfindu stated. Nvidia cards don't use CF it uses their own system of multi-card setups which is SLI. Only AMD cards use CF. Overall people recommend the 6950 2GB and 1GB (According to THG) but I think the 560 Ti is pretty much on par with them expecially when overclocked. However the 6950 2GB can also overclock very well.

    Also OP why wouldn't you just follow the entire guide? I gave you all the things you need, and yes the motherboard in the $900 build is CF/SLI capable.

    BTW, the Artic Freezer is a terrible cooler, you should be getting the Hyper 212+ from Amazon it performs way better. OP I take it you're new to computers.
  15. lol yea im a compleate noob at all of this i follow the guide you probably know 1000000000000000x more about this thann me.. ty
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  17. Haha no problem good luck!
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