RAM Upgrade for Dell Optiplex GX280

Will I gain much in performance by upgrading RAM in my Dell Optiplex GX280 small desktop from 2 GB (2x 1GB DIMMs) to 3 GB (3x 1GB DIMMs)? I understand the Win 7 32-bit OS will not recognize >3GB so that's why I'm not shooting for 4GB (the physical maximum of this machine). The machine runs rather slow. The alternative is to bite the bullet and buy a new machine, probably a i5 processor laptop (trying to delay that expense, if practical). Thanks much.
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  1. Actually, It does pay to get 4GB because 32-bit windows will recognize 3.5gb of that ram.
  2. Thanks abekl, that's my understanding as well. The question is whether a 50% increase in memory (2GB --> 3GB) will provide a noticeable improvement in performance for basic usage such as IE9, MS Office 2010, email, etc.
  3. It will certainly help, but I can't promise you hard numbers.
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