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Is intel d945gccr mobo compatible with intel dual core 3.06GHz LGA775


My mobo is Intel D945GCCR. It was running on Pentium D till now. Recently it started over heating upto 110* C. So I had to replace the CPU. I bought the Intel Pentium Dual-Core (E6600) 3.06GHz @MB Cache and LGA 775 socket.

My motherboard is also LGA 775 socket. Isnt is supposed to be compatible with each other?

I've tried installing it in my mobo, but there is no display on the monitor. i dont know why there is no video signal. i tried putting the old Pentium D back, still no joy. Nothing seems to work now.

Is the new CPU that I bought and the motherboard really compatible with each other?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes, that board and the new CPU are compatible.
    Check this

    What you did not do when you installed the new CPU in the old mobo was that you did not reset the BIOS to defaults.

    Now this is what you need to do, reset the BIOS to defaults. If you can't see the Post screen, you will need to remove the CMOS battery to be able to reset the BIOS.
    Do that, and then go ahead and boot into BIOS. See if the new processor is recognized as the new processor, and then boot into safe mode after saving and exiting the BIOS.

    Let the system settle down and then reboot into normal mode.
    Everything should work out fine.
  2. Hey alyoshka,

    Thanks for the positive reply!!!

    I am sorry but I cannot see my processor on that list at all. Actually I did check out that page before posting my problem here too.

    The processor's front-side-bus is 1066 MHz. And if you can see your link page, you'll notice that this mother board does not support any processor above 800MHz FSB. And even on the processor's page, I cannot see my motherboard listed in the compatibility section.

    If you can just re-confirm it. I would be more than happy man!

    Ofcourse I would like it to work man. But its just that I try to find the negative point first, just to stay outta trouble for long.

    thats my link for my processor.

    Thanks once again!
  3. That does not really make much of a difference. You can run a Higher FSB processor on a Lower FSB Mobo. But it will run at lower speeds and multipliers cannot be set.
    Also some of the CPU features may not work due to the inability of the old board. But that is not too much of a change.

    Actually going thru your original post again, it just struck me that the processor overheating could have been a sign of a dying Mobo too. Especially the Current Providing parts of it. Maybe it was time to change the mobo and not the processor?
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    It wont support e6600, The last limit of your board supported core 2 due processor is "E4700"

    Check Compatible List given and tested by Intel..
  5. Tested by Intel.......
    We wouldn't be needed around here if everything was so simple.
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