Top Case Fans in NZXT M59

Can I install top case fans if I have a Hyper 212+ as my cpu cooler in a M59? I just wanted to check before I get the case.
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  1. Yes, you can. They will not interfere with the airflow of the Hyper 212+ as long as there is enough clearing space between the HSF and the Top Fan.
    Just make sure it's a low rpm fan on the top side blowing air out of the case, not a high rpm fan or a fan that's blowing air into the case.
  2. No I'm asking if there'll be enough room between the hyper 212+ and the top of the case.
  3. Depends on the size of the fan you'll be putting in on the top right?
    Nowadays they have some pretty sleek fans and yet really effective. It's depends on your choice actually.

    If you already have the case and the cooler, check the space between the top and the cooler, we could advise you on a good fan of the required dimensions.
  4. As long as your 212's fans are front to back facing no problem, can't tell if it would fit the vertical way, but you wouldn't put it like that if you were having fans in the roof right? :P
  5. I don't have it yet. I want the case but I want to make sure I can install top fans for better airflow.
  6. What mobo are you putting the Hyper 212+ on?
    Let's see if we can calculate the clearance from there on.
  7. M5A97 Evo
  8. Might get the Hyper 212+ EVO since reviews say that it is fairly compact is much better at cooling performance almost as good as H80 for almost a third of the price. I"m going to have two fans on the Hyper 212. One pulling air from the bottom of the case and one pushing are out the top of the case.
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    Yes, the Board with the Hyper 212+ and a top case fan will fit in that case. There is nearly and Inch of clearance between the HSF and the Top of the case after being setup inside the case with the HSF on.
    141.0mm (with fan)
    166.0mm (without fan)
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