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i have this kind of mobo :N68C-S UCC .and i have a power supply (520w) with all kind of sockets(6,8,24 pin).but i don't have 4pin socket for 12v power supply(2yellow and 2 black wires) that i need foe mobo.what can i use?(or do?)
thanks 4 all that can help me(i heard that i can divide the 8pin it true?)
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  1. Most 8-pin CPU power leads have a break away 4-pin+4-pin so use the CPU power lead. If it doesn't 'break' into two 4-pins then try plugging the 8-pin using just 4 or the 8 pins with the extra to the left of the MOBO's 4-pin.

    Example where X is plugged-in:
  2. thanks.I'll try
  3. you were right.thanks
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