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I'm trying to build my first gaming pc, around 1500-1700$ or less , I just need someone who's willing to help !! pm me and we can go from there, I'll let you know what i'm interested in and you can tell me good or bad , y or y not and we can go from there.....It would be greatly appreciated and the favor shall be returned ;)
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  1. already did in the homebuild forum or new build forum, one of them. I have no idea what fits with what or anything, i need someone who will help. I posted on there and the reply I got was a whole different thing than what I want. I know what case i'll be using and that's about it ! I need to ask someone lots of questions haha, thanks
  2. What are your goals for this new PC?
    Is this machine strictly for gaming or do you have other goals?

    What components are most important to you?

    What made you decide on a $1500-1700 budget?

    Does that budget include the price of a monitor?

    Do you have a preference for a manufacturer? (Intel, AMD, Nvidia, EVGA, XFX, Western Digital, Samsung) or are you still examining what is available in the market place?

    Do you want a PC that is small form factor and ultra portable? Or do you want a Tower of Power?
  3. no monitor , i'll be using it on a 47 inch lcd :) Gaming, Photoshop, Gaming , Surfing the web, school work. I'm buying a Azza Hurrican 2000 Case, I love it, it's what I'm using :) haha . the budget seems like I can make a nice machine with it :) No pref on manufacturer , Intel I-7 seems like a nice piece of hardware, but I have no idea. and I want a TOWER OF POWER !! the hurrican 2000 seems pretty good sized
  4. Also I have no idea on liquid cooling, fans, power supply, sound cards, video cards ( looked at a radeon 6970) , I wanted multiple hard drives, what about blu ray reader, dvd+r writer, I have no idea what all I need to make this all come together you know ? what kind of motherboard? I want to make sure I have a camera card reader on it. All kinds of questions
  5. You got an extremely nice looking case. It would totally skip water cooling. That case has a ton of ventilation.
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