New to crossfiring 6870s and fear of microstuttering....

dear guys,
i have the following system

Phenom II B55 x4 unlocked @ 3.2
Asus M4A87TD EVO
Asus EAH6870 1Gb
Kingston HyperX 2x2 Gb @ 1600Mhz

and i'm thinking of croossfiring the 6870 but i learned that in dual gpu systems the phenomina of microstuttering appears when the framerates drop bellow 60fps... but also i was told that in the 6xxx series it doesn't appear so much... can someone who has crossfired the 68xx series tell me what happens with microshuterring???
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  1. Microstuttering appears to be an issue with crossfired or SLi cards when Vsync is on with triple buffering, and the framerate drops below the refresh rate of the monitor.

    Interesting post about it here:

    It's not something you need to be concerned about really. If you're playing high intensity FPS games, disable triple buffering (you won't need it anyway if you have crossfired 6870's).
  2. Just to be clear, vsync with the fps below the refresh rate does not automatically cause micro stuttering either, unless it's only with OpenGL, as that's the only option I have for triple buffering in the CCC.

    I use vsync and get FPS below my refresh rate a lot and I rarely experience anything like microstuttering, but the times it does appear, it happened with 1 and 2 card setups.
  3. People also reported that it happened with single GPU's in that same post too. I personally never experienced it, or maybe I just don't have the sensitivity to notice a 1 microsecond stutter.
  4. The rare times I have seen something that may be classified as microstuttering, I assume it was just due to the game and it never stuck around.

    I have seen a lot more people with these types of issues who found that their RAM had issues and was resolved with replacing RAM.
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