Getting the right brand for new build

hi i wana ask wich are better rams the g skill or carsair veagavence . i wana buy 16gb 1600mhzz and 4x8 and i need to know becouse i chose everi component acsept the rams.

please help


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  1. Check the CPU manufacturer site in case it requires FSB parity with the motherboard ram and then check the motherboard site for the types of ram accepted otherwise, list your PC specs here and someone will check it out for you.

    Make sure that your PSU is more than 550 watts.

    If your OS is only 32 bit, it won't read 32 gb of ram, only about 3.5 gb, anyhow.
  2. the cpu is i7 3770k and motherboard is sabertooh z77
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