Asrock z77 extreme 6>> fan limts?

so i want to buy that motherboard but i was wondering about the fans since it have only
2 x CPU Fan connectors (1 x 4-pin, 1 x 3-pin)
3 x Chassis Fan connectors (1 x 4-pin, 2 x 3-pin)
iam buying the thermaltake chaser mk i
so if i bought the extreme 6 will i wont b able to put more fans or there's another way around?
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  1. i mean the in the case i can install more fans but wont i need fan headers or do i just need to connect them to the psu if theres no more fan ports in the mobo
  2. nobody knows?
  3. OK, do u need to have all the fans connected to the mobo?
  4. I have that case and a z87 extreme6. Cpu connects to mobo, you can have up to 2 fans for it, which can be controlled by either PWM or voltage, but speed cannot be controlled separately. Your rear fan connects to either chassis2 or 3, and can be controlled properly. The only issues are that chassis2 seems to not have any kind of control, and if you put the front and top fans in the mobo you loose control of them entirely, they just run at max speed.
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