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i am having an issue with the fan on my sapphire radeon 4870 1gb. the problem is during bootup of the pc. the fan waits until i open catalyst control center to even turn on. then i can hear the fan and it works fine as long as the computer is on and from resuming hibernate. i have the card set to automatically be at 35 percent which keeps the card at the low 40's Celsius.
since the fan doesnt turn on until the control center is pulled up it usually gets to about 70 degrees Celsius just from bootup. is this normal? thanks!

i have an haf x case so i have great airflow and when the pc is booted it never has issues
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  1. If I understand your concern right, when you resume the PC from Hibernate, the fan doesn't activate as it should. This would be a driver issue, as I actually have the same problem for my GPU fan, but I have a GTX 285. I have to restart the computer to get it back down to normal (or use MSI afterburner to manually override it).

    Don't know what to tell you other than to not use Hibernate.
  2. sorry i guess i didnt explain it correctly. i can hibernate it fine, its just when i initially boot up the system. if i turn it off completely and boot it up, the fan doesnt start until i open up the control center. would that be a driver? thanks again
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