Upgrading Bit by Bit

Hello Everyone.
My present system specs are:
P4(HT) 3.0Ghz,
1 GB ram,
160GB 7200RPM Sata hard drive.
I am thinking of upgrading bit by bit. What should i upgrade first?
I intend to play games like fallout 3. Also if i were to buy 9800gt with my current specs, would it be good enough for some lighter games like POP Warrior within without buying anything extra? Also will a 450watt psu suffice for it???
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    You need to upgrade all your system, the only thing you may keep is the HDD.

    1- New PSU- Depending on the quality of your actual PSU.
    2-New GPU

    - What´s your PSU name? Amps in 12 V rail??

    I won´t buy a 9800 gt, try to get something made in 40 nm, like:

    - ATI 5670
    - Geforce GT 240

    What´s your budget?
  2. To play POP Warrior, you could just buy a new gpu:

    ATI 4650 DDR3 should be enough (and cheap)
    OR ATI 5570 if you have a low quality PSU.
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