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I have a problem with my western digital 15.3 gig 7200 rpm DMA 66 drive. I have an abit BE II motherboard with a PIII 550 cpu. When I initally turn on my computer it detects all my normal IDE drives. Then it goes to the ATA 66 IDE channel using the Highpoint version 1.25. It does not detet the WD drive. I power cycle the computer and then when I turn it back on it detects all my drives including the WD in question. I have to do the 95 percent of the time. Does anyone have an idea of what could be the problem.

Thanks in advance
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  1. This does remind me of a problem I heard of a loooooong time ago ?

    I think the problem you're having is that when the highpoint bios checks for the hard disks, your hard disk isn't ready and so it fails ! You then reboot and because the drive is already spinning it is ready the 2nd time.

    As for the fix ? Well if you're lucky there may be a bios setting that can delay the IDE detection, try the "Bios Features Setup" menu and see if theres a "Delay Initial IDE boot" option ?

    If thats not the problem then it could be a faulty HD ?

    Hope this helps :)
  2. thanks for the answer i will give it a try when I get home
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