SSTP VPN server 2008 configuration (IPv6 network)

Hello, I am having trouble trying to configure the SSTP VPN in a ipv6 enviroment. I'm using two computers one is server 2008 and the other is a window 7 which to be a simulation of a external client connecting to the server through sstp vpn. Now my problem is that i haven't manage to configure the routing and remote access role on the server to be on an IPv6 infrastructure.

Please help me in doing this configuration as i'm so lost when it comes to ipv6.
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  1. lol finnaly fixed this head ache problem, it was simple than i thought, after 3 weeks of configuration with alot of trial and error attempt i finally fixed it with the help of Esah (rras blogger). if anyone wants to know how to configure this just give me a buss at and will send you the complete configuration as i have already documented it in a word document. So peace everyone
  2. Hello,
    I want to configure a SSTP VPN server on 2008 R2. I followed several guide but i could not sucsess.
    Can you help me with an instruction or tutorial?
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