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How to increase ram frequency 1333mhz to 1600mhz

550w psu
OY2MRG motherboard Dell stock (I used to have six gigabytes of ram before)

I have four ram slots dual channel
I recently bought Kingston HyperX T1 (2 x 4GB) @1600mhz

I checked my bios and it told me the ram was running at 1333mhz, I later learned I could use XMP / manually increase my ram frequency, but I couldn't find the XMP option in my bios and I did not see a manual option in my bios .

Can someone teach me how to take advantage for my two Ram sticks at their stock 1600mhz?
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    1600 is not stock, that's an oc speed. That speed is just what they tested as a stable speed. Sadly your mobo is locked so you can't overclock. You won't even really see any performance difference anyways.
  2. damn, guess that's what you get for not making your own computer.
    the 2 gigbytes wont make difference in gaming? Not even the upcomming Planetside2?
    thanks for the info, I'm no longer confused
  3. I was talking about the speed. But from 6 to 8 is also a waste of money if this is just for gaming.
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