Graphics card comparison site?

I'm not seeing this site linked in the forums anywhere, so curious if anyone knows anything about it. A Steam buddy pointed me to it, and it looks like the numbers match up with benchmarks I've seen. If its right, its pretty pimp because it saves time digging all over the world.

Its in "beta" according to the header, so I guess some part of it is still in the works. Gmail was in beta for like 5 years :p
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  1. There's plenty of sites that do this, including Tomshardware. A site I frequent and trust a lot is
  2. and both have graphics card benchmarks, as well as cpu's, hardrives, etc.
  3. I haven't found another site that lets you do it from a form like that... hrmm.. maybe just didn't look hard enough. Thanks
  4. I like techpowerup, for performance comparatives.
  5. Guru3d has VGA charts, look at the right hand side of their web site for a direct link and then click the 2011 spring VGA charts.

    You'll have to click through the specific game you want to compare the different cards, but each game will have tons of GPUs' performances listed.
  6. Oh so that one does it by game, that's cool too. Only problem there is if you switch games -- hate to base performance off a single game :p Based on what I see with the gpubench site, its comparing maybe what would be referred to as "overall" or "global" performance of a GPU since it only takes into account hardware. Not sure if thats good or bad. Hrmm.
  7. I hit up HardOCP, usually has links to other sites doing benchies too.
  8. I mostly use Xbitlabs and Techpowerup.
  9. try head to head comparison..
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