Screen Freeze (random) during game play and Movies

I have an Asus motherboard, recently upgraded from the asus website. I have recently installed a 700w power supply and an INvidia GEforce460 graphics card. The games i play are BF3, Secret World, And WOW. I also experience the freeze and buzzing sound when watching movies on netflix... Please help
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  1. The motherboard is a p8p67-le Asus
  2. Check the Video card driver...also, does it need power supply?
  3. power down the oc..unplug the pc from the wall and wait 5 min for the mb to drain. try and reseat the ram..make sure it not bent or pushed on by a heat sink. power up and make sure in the ai setting your using the xmp profile. check with cpu-z that the ram is running at the right speed. (spd tab). also check that you have your sata ports set to achi not ide and there on the right ports (intel). make sure your runing the newest sound drivers..chipset drivers and ssd drivers from intel.
  4. When you got the case open, check that the cables are not near any fans, sometimes they move into the blades and cause a whirring noise much like a playing card in the spokes of a moving bicycle.

    If the cables are clear, the buzzing noise might be caused by the fan on the GPU (if there is a fan) when it is in high gear.
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