D Link DWA 552 Plague / Problem

Ok first of all if i do not fix this networking problem soon i am going to go outside and crush this frigen card with a sledge hammer. :fou:


I have had this card for 2 years now. (Out of Warranty) the 6 months i ran it on Vista. Worked fine, Great never a problem always was on and fast connection. However I switched it to Windows 7 64 Bit Beta, it has just been problematic ever since. it would lose connection and would say it wouldnt connect and i would have to completely disable it and do windows 7 repair 10 billion times until it said o its working now K. That was the only problem with it. The annoying part is that it would actualy like wait for important parts of games, (I do WoW Arena at 2800) and then instantly disconnect when i open on something, or when we are about to kill something. It calmed down a bit a for a few months and then just started acting up again about 3 months ago. Since we have 5 computers on this router, 3 being wireless, my brother upgraded the firmware on the DIR-655 Router. Now it has been so bad. I have lag spikes every few seconds from 64 vent ping to spike to over 30,000 and i have a constant wow MS of 3000 when its usually under 100. I am going to go on a rampage soon someone help plz.

PS: My laptop a netbook has a better and faster connection then this computer which is I7 4870 ddr3 and everything. This computer also has a low connection bar. Its at 2 bars when the router is literally 5 feet away and my laptop gets 4. HELP
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  1. See if these settings for your router make a difference

    enable Auto Channel Scan: Checked
    802.11 Mode: 802.11ng only
    Transmission Rate: Best (automatic)
    Channel Width: Auto 20/40 MHz
    Security Mode: WPA-Personal
    WPA Mode: Auto (WPA or WPA2)

    Enable QOS Engine: Unchecked

    Transmit Powr: High
    802.11d Enable: Unchecked
    WMM Enable: Checked (very important for some reason)
    Short GI: Checked
    Extra Wireless Protection: Unchecked (sorry neighbors)

    Enable WISH: Unchecked

    Enable UPnP: Unchecked
  2. Go to this website> Dealing with the D-Link DWA-552 and follow these instructions. There is a link under this name http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/15297-latest-atheros-modded-driver-for-windws-7-vista-and-winxp/ click on it and download the latest file right now it is v9.2.0.105 And that should fix the problem. Once you do everything a message will pop up say do not install or install anyways click install anyways. PS you may also have to go down to wireless in advanced properties and change it based on what you're radio type is.
  3. Then lastely go to power management and click the turn off to save power thing.
  4. I spent hours reloading drivers and rebooting. The best solution was when I got a refund and bought a new product that was a true Plug-n-Play. I bought Wireless High Power USB adapter by EnGenius (EUB9603H). It outputs 2 watts of power! My receive signal from main router through all walls of the house at the farthest points is 100% signal strength and quality, whereas the D-Link DWA 552 would only see 50% signal at best when working.

    Do yourself a favor and save money and time and trash the D-Link 552.

    I saved $20.00 to boot one time! (Pun intended). Good luck!
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