Silverstone SG05BB-450 power cord problem

This is my first time building a computer and so I freely admit my noob status. I have the above case with an ASUS P8H61-I motherboard. I attached the 20-pin PSU to the 24-pin motherboard by means of an adapter, which was fine. My problem came when I tried to plug in the 12v 4-pin plug. It seems like the notches on the male/female ends are in opposite corners. Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? How do I attach the 4-pin?
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  1. What power supply or can you post a picture of the 4-pin cable? Why did you need an adapter for the 24-pin cable? Don't the 4-pin and 20-pin go together to make a 24-pin cable (like most PSUs)?
  2. there should be on your atx power supply one 8 pin connector. some atx connectors the 8 pin connector will slide apart to make two 4 pin connectors. that the 4 pin you need for power. if it one piece you need the 8 to 4 pin adaptor.
    cable marked eps power.
  3. oh wow thanks guys. Problem solved I feel kinda dumb now.
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