Dead computer (5th F**ing post and none of them were posted siteerror)

OK I just posted one hours worth of info (in same subcategory other components) and this site said sorry you must select a sub category and now it's gone!

So since I am not home but desparately need help I'll make a half assed reattempt but I am out of time.

Computer board is pretty new powersupply is new ram is new (2 gigs) processor and board/power supply put together in a computer fix it shop so that there would not be any problems. Brand new drive with fresh install of XP pro. Computer fell off desk and front panel with wires pulled partially out.

none of the pins touched each other (thankfully) or anything else so since
power/reset wires/pins were bent just a bit but I put them back.
and usb front panel wires pulled all the way out I put them back on.
although there are only 8 wires and 9 pins.
like this
Gnd Gnd
Data- Data-
Data+ Data+
+5v +5v

I just hooked all 4 in a row on both sides skipping the top Gnd on the left
I also tried swapping the two sides in case that would work
And also I pulled them out completely (also I tried disabling usb in the bios)

(I took all extra drives/cards etc out so it is just AGP vid card, ram, system drive, power supply, regular mouse and keyboard <non-usb>)

The problem that I have is I push power on the front and it boots up fine with no beeps or anything, before the windows screen it has the white bars filling (loading) ||||| | | |. Then it says Windows XP professional for a bit and then the screen goes black for about 10 seconds (like it always did) just before the user selection screen goes up. But now just when the user selection screen WOULD go up it makes a sound exactly like I just pushed the reset button and it resets and tries to boot again.

I have never seen this problem before so I have no idea what to do.
If anyone can help or if you need more info please reply.
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  1. Since you use Windows XP, is the SATA controller set to IDE mode? That might be the problem if the system crashes with error 0x0000007b.
  2. with a dropped computer you could have pop more then just a wire. turn the pc off and unplug the ps from the wall. wait 5 min for it to drain. take all the cards and reseat them.reseat the ram and the cpu. also reseat the 24 pin and 4 pin atx.
    sound like the video card or a device not seated and when windows tries to turn the devie on like the agp card it hangs and resets. I would look real close to the vidoe card to see if anything snapped off or if the agp slot on the mb is damaged.
  3. Its dual ide (4 drives capable and all are pata no sata)

    I found the solution though....
    Once I got another computer working I put the windows drive in it.
    Everything seemed fine until I started copying files and got cyclic redundancy errors.
    I had used partition magic to "unlock" the rest of the drive (old computer only would show 137 gigs and not 350)

    So since I couldn't put it back in the dead computer anyway now that it is partitioned for full capacity (or would it have just acted like the other partition wasn't there?)...
    I started deleting files (like the windows directory) and found out that there were many files and folders I couldn't navigate to or delete (not even with killbox delete on restart)....cannot read from the source file or disk.

    Drive was damaged so that it would load windows but just before the user screen comes up some of the dll's were in damaged parts of the drive and couldn't load so it would just restart.

    So it was a problem with drivers not being able to load and not really a hardware or motherboard thing (other than the drive being damaged)

    thanks for the help, I hope this might also help someone else with the same or similar problem.
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