V551 Battery Life Issue

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There has been much discussion about the poor battery life from the V551.
Motorola has announced a software problem that may be causing this. It is a
warrantable item. Check with Motorola or your provider to see if your phone
is affected.

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    Been doing some more looking. The firmware that fixes battery life issues
    is R472_G_08.18.16R_0A which was released on April 15. One poster on
    Cingular's support forum says the difference is like night and day.

    Since then, an _0A7 version has come out ... nobody seems to know what's
    different. Despite the numbering, I've seen statements that the 17R and 25R
    flashes are OLDER.

    My V551 was sold before they started locking them ... I'm tempted to go
    for this but I hope it doesn't result in the inconvenience/expense of
    having to go getting it unlocked afterwards.
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